About Us

R&N Jamaican Cuisine

R&N Irie Jamaican Cuisine is a restaurant that celebrates Jamaica’s vibrant flavors and culture.
Our passion for Jamaican culture and cuisine runs deep. Growing up in Jamaica, Robert Officer, owner, and Chef, learned the art of cooking from his grandmother and neighbors, who instilled in him a love for using fresh ingredients and authentic spices to create unforgettable dishes.

After moving to the United States and settling in Chattanooga, TN, Robert saw an opportunity to share his love of Jamaican cuisine with his new community. In 2023, he opened Irie Jamaican Cuisine with a mission to serve delicious, authentic food in a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.

What We Do!

In addition to opening R&N Irie Jamaican Cuisine, we are also active local community members.

We participate in food festivals and events throughout the year, sharing our passion for Jamaican cuisine with others and spreading joy and good vibes wherever we go!